Monday, May 5, 2008

That's What I Get For Sleeping

So Apparently this lovely treasury was on the front page at etsy over night. I of course did not get to see it, I was sleeping. I know, rookie mistake. My little hat got a bunch of views, it is at 689 views this morning and I earned myself quite a few hearts, 1201 now! No sales from the adventure though.(quick update: 1 sale acheived!!!!)

I have started to work on a new tatted scarf design that I will preview for you in the next couple of days. I have also finished the first piece in my new simple bridal line that will be posted later today. I think I might be too late for this years wedding season, but I like the design so I'll make a few more complimentary pieces in the next week or so. The mother's day gifts are finished and now I just need to finish my how-to article for Belle Armoire. I think I might be catching up with all my projects.

I've also got a nice place in another treasury today too. I really like the look of this one too. In fact I figured this was the reason I got the hearts this morning, until I discovered the treasury west one had made it to the front page.

On another subject, the pendant in this treasury is up for grabs on This Old Hen House blog for just one more day, so get over there and comment to win.

Anyway, thanks for the treasury features, the views and the buy my stuff!


Melanie said...

Woot! that would be my treasury that made the front page!
Accidently stumbled on your blog, and now I'm bookmarking it ;)

Stacy said...

Congrats on making it onto the front page! That is great exposure and I'm sure many sales will follow. Your work is amazing!

katydiddy said...

So true! I was on the front page 3x this past year & the sales don't really reflect the exposure-makes me wonder if I'm fooling myself about my talent!