Friday, May 23, 2008

It'll Be Great... If It Works

Over the last week, I've tried a few new things to increase my exposure. I can be quite a lazy person and I have two extremely demanding kids, so I was looking for things that would require little effort on my part. First, I signed up on Timothy Adams' newest endeavor, Buried Treasury. All I had to do was look around, make a few comments and then sign up for a few bucks. Now I have my own little section where my etsy mini lives for more folk to find. It's a neat little site and Tim promises to send out site statistics so we can see how many visitors the site gets.

Then, when hanging out in the forums, I saw a post about Celebrate with Style, a new website that has a boutique section that artists and designers can sign up for. The boutique offers a place to post photos of your pieces along with a link to your own online store. The hitch was, it is by invitation only. So, throwing myself to the wolves yet again I signed up to be reviewed for an invitation. I've done this sort of thing before, I tried Trunkt, Nifty, Indieshopping and quite a few others, all to no avail. Apparently I don't "fit" in a lot of places, but this time I was pleasantly surprised to receive not only the invitation, but quite a flattering email describing my tatting as "distinctive" and "unusually creative and fashionable".

I have now signed up with them as well and my page is up here. I have no idea whether either of these endeavors with result in any additional attention, but neither required too much effort and they need almost no upkeep, so they meet my strict requirements. I guess we'll see if they helped over the next few months. I guess I just felt I needed to do something outside the forums and since I'm seriously burnt out on networking, these seem like good ideas.

Here's hoping!


Anonymous said...

It looks like you have a plan and one that's not overburdensome. I'll have to check both those out!

Liebling said...

I did both of these too, and was lucky enough to get into Buried Treasury when it was free. No matter what, getting your name out there (and for free!) can't hurt.


Ferragamo Studio said...

Congrats on getting some nice feedback. I'm on Buried Treasury as well, although I question whether it will bring in anyone but etsy sellers, especially now that there are sooooo many shops there.
It's tough to get your stuff out there.

Waterrose said...

My same sentiments. I have also joined Buried Treasury and Celebrate with Style. People have also tried to label my creations, but for me, I just want to create and if someone recognizes it as a certain style, so be it. For is just my creation.