Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I'm at that point in motherhood where my children have very little idea of what it is that I actually do for them. This means that any gift I receive for this holiday is really from my husband, so it's kind of hard for me to really see the holiday as mine yet.

It is however a holiday for my Mom and my Mother-in-law. I spent the last couple of weeks constructing their Mother's day gifts. I really haven't decided whether I will be making more of these for sale, but I wanted to show them off.
This first one here was made with yarn from fearlessfibers. It's a superwash merino hand dyed in a brick house colorway. My mom's favorite color is red, but I didn't want something too bright and this worked perfectly.

The second one was a merino wool nylon blend in an amazing green called Margarita from Jenhintz. This was her first hand dyed sale and since my Mother-in-law has a love of extreme greens, it was the obvious choice for her scarf. Both yarn sellers were great to work with. It's always a bit scary for me to buy hand dyed yarn. I 'm always afraid that my monitor has misrepresented the colors somehow, but these were exactly as described.

I'm still not quite finished with my new scarf design. I hope to knock it out today, so I'll have something to show off for tomorrow.

All this mother's day stuff has also got me thinking a bit about this tightrope I walk between being Mom/Wife and being and individual. I know a lot of people wonder about keeping the balance between etsy and family, but for me it's the balance between me and my family because my tatting and etsy are truly the only things I do during the day that are only for me. I'm certain I've got a whole post worth of things to say on this subject, so I'll save it for another day.

For now, let me just say, I hope all you Mommies had a great day yesterday!


Briannuh said...

You make beautiful things!

Diana said...

Your mother and your MIL are some of the luckiest moms on the planet! I absolutely love the treasures you made them. It's almost worth it for me to arrange a marriage between one of my sons and one of your daughters just for the knowledge that I might receive one of your beautiful designs some lucky holiday. Since arranged marriages aren't en vogue anymore, I'll just wait for the IRS rebate to hit so I can shop your shop. I'm thinking 'scarf.'

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about identity versus family. This sits on my mind alot, especially as my boys are so small and I've got another on the way. There's got to be a balance, somewhere, but maybe not yet for a few years. In the meantime, I'm just hoping for some rest. And very grateful for the adult, intelligent, articulate and artsy company I get to keep such as with you.

Natasha said...

How lucky to be related to you!

Rosebud Collection said...

Another beautiful project..They are both gorgeous..

Anonymous said...

It's truly an honor to have such beautiful things made from my yarns. I'm quite in awe of your talent!