Thursday, May 29, 2008

Comic Timing

I thought I'd take a break today and do a little review. I love comic books, no really, I do. I've been an avid collector for more than a decade now. Every Saturday the whole family heads to the comic book store and we all leave with a little something to read. I have a hard time getting around to reading my books though, the baby likes to tear and that makes her an extreme comic liability. When I found Jim8ball on etsy selling cute little mini comics, I thought those I can read.

The first batch I purchased included the first three issues of the "Tale of Samurai Cat" and and cute little story called "Little Frank". Just last month I picked up the 4th installment of Samurai as well as "Robert the Robot Conquers the World" and "Giant Robot Attack". So I thought I'd take a minute to tell you what I think about about Jim Coon's little comic empire.

First off the art is adorable and consistently good. The colors are vivid and the lettering clear and fun to read. The stories run the gamut from sweet in "Little Frank" to hilarious and a little twisted in the robot books. The Samurai story is an adventurous epic with just a touch of dark comedy. While each story hits a sour note from time to time, they are generally well written and consistently entertaining. I can easily see "Little Frank" as a timeless children's book and the Samurai story lines seems tailor made for an Japanese animated style movie. The robot books are probably best left to the midnight hours on Comedy Central, but man did I laugh.

The best part of these mini comics, besides the fact that they are the perfect length to read before the 1 year old can waddle over to destroy them, is the price. They are just a dollar each. At that price you can snatch up a whole bunch at once and give yourself an entertaining break in the day. I highly recommend these great little comics, Jim has written a story for just about everyone.

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Nodin's Nest said...

Oh they look like fun, I'll have to check his shop out! Thanks!

Waterrose said...

OH yes, we are a comic book family too! I'm actually storing my sons collection from the age of 8 to 28...lot's of comic book boxes!

Beat Black said...

what a steal!