Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Times, They Are Changing

I don't read blogs, not really anyway. Given that, it's odd that I find myself feeling a little guilty for not reading the few that I do follow. I don't read them because they have great features or are particularly well written or exciting. I read them because I like the folk that write them. It has become my way of keeping up with a little piece of their lives much like I would call an old friend to catch up. I've just been so busy with so many different things lately. Most prominent is my poor sick kids, but I've also spent more time dealing with orders and tatting than I ever have before.

I think that this change in my daily dynamic is starting to settle in and I'm starting to really notice the changes. I haven't posted in a forum topic in what must be weeks save for the daily blog thread. I haven't been spending time hanging out on twitter, just posting now and again and staying just long enough to catch any responses. I'm not compulsively checking the Steamteam forum, or my google analytics, flickr or anything else I used to do on a regular basis. I'm writing a blog post, dropping the links and getting out of my virtual world.

Sure, I still have the laptop at an arms length and I check my email...a lot, but things have definitely changed. I don't know it will all stick when the kids are better and the holidays are over. I'm not even sure whether it's better or worse this way, just different. I do hope these kids heal up soon though, that part is weighing on my sanity something fierce. Well, back to the real world.


dalij said...

Just remember I told you so!!!!! My poor Zairah Bear!!!!

fly tie said...

i hear ya. i see myself slowing going this same path. not intentionally. it just seems to be the natural progression of things.