Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nice And Calm

After what must have been a whole week of whirlwind events, yesterday was strangely quiet. No emails, no orders, no drama at all. I have to admit it was kind of nice. I spent most of the day comforting one sick child and keeping the well child entertained so she would stop jumping on her sister. I worked a little on a custom mask, but other than that, there was no tatting either. I suppose it is too soon to say whether this is the calm after the storm or simply a false calm like the eye of the storm.

So with all the non events of yesterday, I really have little to say today. Ooh, I did get some lovely earrings I ordered in the mail yesterday. So, I guess I'll show them to you. They are from duckduckgoosestuff and I absolutely love wearing them. I love unique earrings with simple lines, but have a nasty habit of losing them. I doubt that is possible as they would have to do some ridiculously complicated swerves to get out of my ear without me knowing.

I also want to pick up some of her ear coils meant to coil through several holes since I have 4 on the lobes of each ear and I love lacing ear threads through them. These pieces are incredibly simple, but create a striking image and I'm so glad I found this shop across the pond!


Gina said...

I love those earrings and I did go look at her site. I only have 2 holes in my ears but I love the concept of them coiling around. I wonder if the spacing will work? Thanks for link!

TotusMel said...

She's has one for just two holes as well!

Anonymous said...

well thank you for the ad! I'm so pleased you like them - and I have every sympathy for the poorly children situation, mine were both appallingly unwell for a week (a busy week, obviously, I'm sure they do this on purpose!) in November. I hope yours are better soon - and good luck with the TV show!