Monday, December 8, 2008


I just had an amazing milestone occur this morning, my 5ooth sale on etsy. I really wish I had more time to get excited, but truth be told I'm almost busier than I can handle both with orders and two kids who seem to want to stay sick as long as possible. I'm backed up on mask orders, (thanks Boing Boing) and I've got a couple on non pays to babysit as well. Heck, I wanted to do a big 500th sale deal, but it happened before I could set anything up. I guess I'll save the hoopla for the 1000th order. I should have time to get that one set up...I think.

I have to make it really short this morning, but I also wanted to quickly share that after all the instructables/craft/boingboing stuff that occurred with my tatted mask, I did manage to get a real instructable up for the mask. For the uninitiated, that the pattern and step by step instructions. You can find it here: It is written assuming that you are at least an intermediately skilled tatter, so I apologize to beginners who think I wrote it in Greek or something. Even if you don't tat you can check it out to see the evolution of one of my more complex pieces and leave some comments so i know you visited. Alright, back to the kids and those masks.


talia said...

Congratulations on your 500th sale! Perhaps after everything settles down you'll be able to celebrate the sale and enjoy your success a bit more. I cannot believe you posted a tutorial on the mask! That is so generous of you, I can't wait to check it out, they're absolutely beautiful.

Hope the kiddies feel better soon.

AJ said...

And you were wondering if you could make 500 by the end of the year... there's 3 weeks left! :D

Congratulations, it's so wonderful to see someone doing so well with handmade work in this rough economy.