Friday, December 12, 2008

Limited Edition

One up side to being glued to the couch comforting a sick child, is the amount of tatting I can get done. Yesterday was another down sales day, so I broke out the hand dyed thread I bought a bit ago and started working. I bought the thread solely because I liked the colors and thought it would be nice to finally try out the hand dyed stuff. The colors weren't quite as vivid as I thought and since the seller was new to dying there are a few white spots, but I generally liked the effect.

I decided to just start tatting pieces to see how far the small skein would get me. The answer is two necklaces and three pendants. At least now I know that if I like another colorway, I can probably complete a mask or collar necklace easily with one skein. I am so bad at gauging the amount of thread I need for a project mostly because I don't need to know. One ball of thread will last so many pieces that I pay little attention at all.

Anyway, all the pieces made with this thread will hopefully all be listed today. I've got a couple more things that I'd like to get remade and listed and then I have a goodie bag of yarn that was gifted to me so I was thinking about working on a new scarf or caplet. Of course this all depends on the mood of the kids as I am completely at their whim at least until they are feeling better.

Hopefully next week will start out with healthy children and a happy household for the holidays...yes, I am knocking on wood.