Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In A Slump

I'm tired, really tired. I just past my 60th blog post and I'm starting to feel like I might soon run out of wise and witty things to say. I find myself racking my brain when I wake in the morning, searching for a good topic that will hook readers. I guess I still haven't found the niche that will make this blogging thing effortless. I still spend way too much time plugging the blog and I think it's really taking time away from things I should be doing, like making things to sell, but I use this as a distraction from the artisans equivalent of writers block. Is there a word for that?

The problem I'm having right now, is that I'm simply not selling all that much. I've been going a week or so between sales and there's not much motivation to create new pieces when there are almost 80 just gathering dust. I'm hoping that this tatting challenge will jump start my creative movement and inspire me to move forward with some new designs. I've had a lot of offers to collaborate with other artisans lately, but I still find myself listless.

Oh, what to do...what to do. Well, I'll be finishing up the "rules" for the challenge today and I will definitely be listing the medallions I've already finished tomorrow morning. I got myself one judge yesterday, Jane Eborall. She's a wonderful person and quite the talented and experienced tatter. I was recently lucky to make her acquaintance and she has agreed to help out. I hope to hook a jewelry artisan as a second judge soon. I have also set up a flickr group for the challenge, my first one, so I hope I did it right. Now, I'm getting all antsy for this party to get started!

I'll list the links to the medallions tomorrow morning just as soon as I get them up. I hope everyone has fun with this!


SpinachNPeace said...

sorry you are feeling down. i've been at this for less time than you have and im already feeling discouraged. i think the contest is a great idea! you're very talented so i think you just need to wait for your big break:)

Arty Diversionist said...

Know the feeling. It's a rainy day here and it is easy to feel dispirited. Keep on going, it will get better. Contest is a brill idea!

Waterrose said...

Don't give up...your tatting is beautiful! Have you done any articles on the history of tatting? How about some how'to's? Or, the tools? My grandmother tatted...she showed me when I was little, but I never got the hang of it. THen about 5 years ago I tried again...bought some beautiful shuttles, did a little more tatting and haven't picked it up again. But I also bought, at Book Market in LA in June 2003 a book called A Tatter's Workbook by Jules and Kaethe Kliot...what a cool book, have you seen it? Are you using Entrecard? It helps you get some different eyes on your creations rather than just artists and designers.

Diana said...

I understand, I commiserate. I totally got it.

It's important, I think, to just follow your internal lead. Rather than feeling pressured to work on one medium or another, if you just go where your muse takes you on a particular day, I think it will help to keep the whole thing a fun game rather than a pressure-filled pressure cooker of one's own design. KWIM?

Your blog is first rate. Your products are exceptional. You should really enjoy the fruit of your labors on terms that are not necessarily commercially based. Whether one person buys or twn people raves, someone out there has recognized your talents and taken notice. That's incredible.

Follow your fancy and I think it will restimulate all of your dynamics. Don't overthink it; create!


CupKake Artillery said...

OHHHH! I wish my tatting shuttle wern't packed away! I might have to go hunting for it just so I can join you!

P.S. Original said...

Yes, thats exactly how I've been feeling. You have a wonderful talent and great shop...and I enjoy reading your blog!

ambika said...

The days when I'm having a hard time thinking of something to say are when a picture post has to do. And when I'm inspired, composing a bunch of posts to save for later really helps, too.