Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Little Work

I actually got some tatting in yesterday. I received a custom order request overnight and my lovely customer was quite responsive in the morning and we got the details worked out quickly. I did have to wait until after schooling to get to work, but it's a nice small piece so it was made up pretty quickly.

Now before you comment on the colors you should know that I can never get blues to show up in pictures the same shade as they actually appear. These are both Lizbeth colors and the blue is dark ocean teal. It's definitely darker and a bit greener than it appears here. Luckily I can use the swatch pictures from Handy Hands to show customers because I fear that they would be put out by the color in person if they were expecting it just like this. The green is pretty close to accurate though it's not the order, just the piece I was using to remember the pattern.

So that's it for now. I am still working on the giant doily and there are some pet rat issues we're dealing with, so it's been a long week already. It's been hot all week and I'm hoping for some nice uneventful time soon.

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