Friday, November 7, 2008

You Just Didn't Listen

I warned you all, didn't I? I said that if you piled on the sales and attention that when it inevitably stopped, I would be an emotional wreck. So what did you do? You gave me consistent sales and attention for nearly two months and then you took it all away. As quickly as it came it was gone, now I sit at the end of a two week period that saw two whole sales. The fall was so quick from so high that I find myself terribly bruised. Sure, I tried to maintain my calm. I wasn't going to fall into the trap of self doubt and start whining about sales. I ignored the subject entirely, hoping that the problem would fix itself, but as this week comes to an end I find myself wondering what I can do to reengage a buying public and what I did to scare everyone away in the first place.

I've spent probably a little too much time on twitter lately and though it has proved a wonderful community environment for feedback and general, entertaining nonsense, it's getting me nowhere as far as sales are concerned. I've spent far more than I ever thought shopping through my twitter contacts, but as my funds have dwindled, it's become clear that I need to stop until my sales return. Twitter has almost completely replaced the etsy forums for me, but I wonder if I should go back and see if my absence there is a cause of my lack of sales.

I wonder too, if perhaps my appeal was solely Halloween based and there is nothing I can do to encourage sales outside that niche. Oh well, I guess that is enough complaining for now. I think I've gotten it all out of my system now. I shall resolve to go back to creating and ignore my sales or lack thereof. I think I will create a sales section in the store today and see if that helps jump start sales or at least clear out some dead weight and I do have a protype bracelet to list today, crazy cheap, as the design still needs work. I did make a second one with some minor changes that I feel much better about and I'll list that one at regular price later as well. I still have a couple of other ideas for the starburst design to try out and then I need to come up with something that gets me as much attention as my tatted masks did. I'm coming up blank right now, so it might be a while on the last thing.


A Blond And A Torch said...

Your work is gorgeous and unique~I am sure your sales will pick up again soon! Use this time to rest :)

Waterrose said...

Perhaps you need christmas product?

I am Keri. said...

So here's what someone on Etsy told me: List something every day. That way you get your stuff up in the "New Arrivals" list or whatever the hell it is.

Also, you have to go to the other forums. Like craftster, knitty, ravelry, etc. Just to get your name out there. Also ask people to post your link on their site. If you trade links you both can get some more traffic.

K, stepping off my soap box. I'm just to busy (lazy?) to list stuff right now so I can talk.

Sharon said...

Your work is beautiful and unique and I expect that the lack of sales probably has more to do with the state of the economy than anything you have done. When the bottom falls out people tend to buy only the essentials until they regain a comfort level.

Anonymous said...

Your Youngest brother told me that you whine too much about sales. He stated wa,wa,wa!!!!