Monday, November 3, 2008

At Least I Don't Have A Headache

I am finding myself in the hangover phase of endeavors both mundane and creative this morning. The Steampowered convention has wrapped up and even though I'm still waiting to find out whether I sold a single thing, it is all over and done with and outcome has been determined. My tatted Halloween costume has been worn and subsequently retired. I will probably remove the tatting from the corset and add it to a nicer one I just bought. On the mundane front, I have finally had all my doctor's appointments for the year from teeth to eyes and there are no big events on the horizon except birthdays that have already been shopped for. I have no new magazine articles waiting to come out or features coming up. I imagine that after tomorrow, I will experience an election hangover as well.

Though I don't have anything new for the store, I am working on a custom caplet order based on my Victorian Lace collar. It is proving to be a little more challenging than I thought to increase the diameter without changing the pattern. It's working out okay, but I'm having to resort to math which I do not enjoy. I should be done today, barring any unforeseen disasters.

While, I'm not loving this picture, I promised that I would share my tatted Halloween costume with you today, so here it is. A better shot is the picture of the family after we had returned from trick or treating. We had blissfully clear weather for the evening after it rained off and on all day. The kids had a great time and people seemed shocked to find me and my husband dressed up as most parents seemed to hand out on the sidewalk while the kids went to the houses. I figure there are so few opportunities for us to play dress up, that we ought to take advantage of every one. Well I think that's it for this Monday. Hopefully the hangover will be short and I'll find some great things to work on soon.


TattingChic said...

It looks like you had fun trick or treating! You costume looks very Halloween~ish!

Crafty Mama said...

Gorgeous work! I'm determined to learn tatting, but it keeps getting put off.

PS- my word verification was "palin" has politics infiltrated everything now?

Fatal Attraction said...

Gurlfriend...enjoy your day off. Do something wonderful just for little you. A massage, pedicure, manicure - you know the drill. Mebbee read a fiction book (or tech manual). You work so hard - it's ok to take this day off!

Luv your Ween costume!

dalij said...

You want work to fill your day? I have an apartment that is sorely in need of some cleaning. I'm sure that you could figure out an artistic way to clean!

jewelstreet said...

Left you something on my blog.

fly tie said...

i like that first line. that's a good way to put it.

kudos for you and your husband dressing up. it's like..why not?