Monday, November 17, 2008

Presenting The Tatted Throat Corset

Aargh...what a weekend. It started out with me and both of my daughters catching a cold bug. My husband remains unfairly healthy for the time being. This resulted in a less than restful weekend, yet I still managed to get a lot done. We went out of town to get our Holiday shopping all done and all the children in our lives are sufficiently spoiled. All that's left for us to do is pick up a few gift certificates and we're finished with shopping. The sad side effect of all this shopping is my shrinking paypal balance. No more impulse shopping for me I'm afraid.

The big news for the weekend is of course the completion of my most recent project, the tatted throat corset. I finally finished it up yesterday, slathered on a bit of makeup and got some pictures taken just before I lost the sunlight. In a rush to get feedback, I uploaded the pictures to flickr and posted them on twitter. This is the single greatest thing twitter has done for me. Instant feedback and views pour in just as soon as I post a link to something. While I'm still not perfectly settled on a price for the piece, I will get it listed today. Though it was just a repeating pattern, it was quite time consuming and I think the final piece reflects the time spent on it.

I also had a middle of the night project idea. Of course this was one of the many sickness induced wakings, so I'm not sure that the idea is sound yet. I think I figured out a way to make my tatted goggles work, if the idea wasn't just delirium. I plan on making a removable goggle cover of tatted lace. That way, I don't have to working about the glue and rivets that I know nothing about and stick to my skill set. Hopefully I get around to testing out the idea this week after I get a bit more sleep.


Anonymous said...

I've always been a fan of your tatted items.

I received a Marie Antoinette Blog Award and decided to pass it along to some of the warmest and talented bloggers I follow (albeit irregularly)

down & dirty designs said...

i looooooooooove it.

Anitra Cameron said...

Amazing and beautiful. I can't even imagine the patience and hours of work that go into these! Makes me totally wish for a younger neck, lol.

fly tie said...

it's very striking. and elegant.

Sewicked said...

Two questions, are you ever likely to repeat it? And have you considered adding beads to it. When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought I saw beads.