Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh, The Horror...The Horror

You might have noticed that I was suspiciously absent yesterday. If you did not, then this story will not be particularly relevant, but I shall tell it anyway. Just as I was sitting down to write, my access to the Internet ceased. I am horribly spoiled to have a computer technician as a husband, but when he is at work and I am left to my own devises I am inept. Of course I called him right after checking the "easy" stuff, but as I feared I would just have to wait until he came home to see if it was anything he could fix.

I found myself in the uncomfortable position of not being able to check my email, list my new pieces on etsy or any of my usual morning activities. I know it's not the end of the world, but I have become so used to having the world at my fingertips that being unintentionally cut off for even a few hour was, well, uncomfortable. I can do it voluntarily of course, I can go on vacation, play outside with the kids or just simply avoid the computer if I so choose, but to have it taken away without my prior approval is horrible.

Today however, is another day. Clearly the problem has been resolved and my information addiction is being fed. So back to the usual stuff. I have listed two of the three new pieces inspired by the choker I was talking about in my last post. I've renamed the whole collection, La Petite Goth because it makes the sound fancy. I've got just the last one to make up and it will be complete. I am really surprised that it took me this long to come up with these. They are such simple diversions from the original design.

Speaking of design, I just finished a wonderful special order request. I was challenged to recreate a rose and vine tattoo as a tatted anklet. This isn't the first time my tatting has been compared to a tattoo, but it is the first time I designed a piece to look like one on purpose. I am again, mighty proud of the rose motif i came up with. It's simple, but I think it looks just like a rose. It does, right?

Now, back to work. I've got so many ideas swirling around and I need to work on them before I forget half of them.


fly tie said...

i definitely know that feelinf of being disconnected from the world wibe web. i'll just go ahead and say that i have an addiction.

the rose looks great and very much "rosey."

Waterrose said...

It looks like a rose in a heart.

I'm the technical cog in our household...although I also groan when I turn on the computer and I can't connect to the world.

Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful piece I have ever seen. It fits perfectly over my actual tattoo which is really crazy and cool. I love it!!! I hope I can learn to tat so I can make some really cool things too. My daughter is already bugging me to teach her and I don't even know how yet! Yes, it looks like a rose and it looks awesome!!! I want 10 more!!

Ang "Rose"

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

the piece hand is just so beautiful!!!