Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here Comes The Bride

I was not what you would call a traditional bride. My bridesmaids and my flower girls wore black and I wore a silver gown that my mother made for me. The wedding was small and there was no dancing at all. Ironically I was a dancer for years, but our taste in music does not lend itself to this sort of thing. Even though I don't regret having a very inexpensive wedding that put no one into debt, I still imagine the fairytale wedding that I would have had if money was no object. Luckily I can live vicariously through other brides as I have had the great pleasure of making pieces for a few weddings over the years.

The most recent creation, completed yesterday is a very pretty bridal headband. When asked to create a piece, I was directed to Jennifer Behr's site and I was amazed at the prices people will pay for these elegant, but simple designs. To create my own design, I used the basic design on my quadra bracelet adding a few extra picots and some glass pearl beads. I had intended on weaving a ribbon through the lace itself, but instead I sewed a crisscross pattern on the back of the lace and weaved a pair of ribbon through it. It is meant to be tied in the back and the ribbon will drape down for a little added pretty.

The piece did take most of the day to create but only because it was nearly 20 inches long. The pattern itself is quite simple and I think that adds to the appeal of the design as it's meant to enhance a wedding ensemble not take center stage. So after finishing this piece, I now have a couple of different wedding neck pieces, a bracelet and now a headpiece. I guess I just need some earrings and I have a complete wedding line. I think I may offer them through the future lollishop venue, or maybe both places. I think I'm getting ahead of myself again, but I am quite pleased with the way this piece came out and I hope that other folk like it too.


Unknown said...

The bridal headpiece is lovely!

Waterrose said...

That is beautiful and I can see a few tiny wildflowers woven in.