Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I haven't been able to concentrate on anything yet this week, but thought I'd stop by to let you know why. Well,  I live in central California and we are currently experiencing one of our triple-digit heatwaves. We have them every year, it's not all that exciting nor surprising. That being said, what makes me mention this one is that our air conditioning has failed on us. It happened Monday morning, but it took most of the day for me to figure out that out since we try not to run it too much anyway. By that point it was too late in the day to call for repair, so we slept in a 90º house.

Tuesday morning after several phone calls, I finally got on a list for repair. One company had their earliest appointment on the 30th...10 days away, ugh. I called another with a better, but still not good timeline since the heatwave has caused a serious backup at all the hvac places. So here we are about to spend a third day without the assistance of chemical cooling. It will likely be at least another day and probably hundreds of dollars before we get relief.

So apparently I cannot focus on anything when I'm this bloody hot. I mean I actually prefer the heat to the cold, but this is a bit much. I'm reading a bit, and knotting a bit, but I'm listless and lazy. I am crossing my fingers for a speedy and hopefully not too expensive repair, but bracing myself for a few more days of heat and a ridiculous bill. Too bad I haven't sold anything much in months and I definitely don't have enough creative energy right now to design anything new. Oh well, nothing much for it right now but to muddle though and muddle though I will.


Carolyn said...

Oh! I am so sorry! It's rather awful isn't it? We had the same thing happen a few years ago in Singapore and it made me nearly ill with the heat and humidity. Fingers crossed and hope held out for a quick, painless and inexpensive repair. 😑

Helen Nelson said...

I can empathize entirely. Happened here in Sydney Australia not long ago. Affected my health badly. Wishing you all the best.

SWtrompeter said...

Excessive heat definitely will sap all of your energy. A fan - especially if it's blowing air ON you - would be at least somewhat helpful, but it'll still be pretty hot. Lots of ice-cold drinks - tea, water, juice - help, too. I hope your air gets fixed sooner than they said they could get to it, and that it's not a budget-killing repair bill.

Maureen said...

Emergency solution - drape a wet sheet over a doorway and set an ordinary floor-standing fan behind it! You can keep the sheet wet by spraying it from time to time. or dip the end of the sheet in a bucket of iced water so that it keeps damp.Hot summers are the norm in Queensland, and I remember well the days before airconditioners became standard fittings!