Friday, June 9, 2017


Just a quick note this week to say that I am indeed still alive and kicking. It's been quite busy around here with end of the school year business, appointments, meetings, etc. I've not sat down nearly enough this week, in my opinion, but I have gotten some work in on my large Armenian lace piece. It's now at about a meter across. I also had to finally get some more thread for it as I've killed yet another ball. Of course I had to order it because no one carries size 20 thread anywhere in town.

Next week is the last one for homeschooling and should prove to be just as distracting as this one to my handicrafts. I'm personally quite looking forward to the week after and just a little bit of mindlessness. Fingers crossed.

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Carolyn said...

I am glad you are well. I am still lurking somit prompted me to respond. Have a happy week!