Tuesday, December 13, 2016

On A Roll

Right after schooling, I made up just one more of the new bracelet before getting them photographed and listed. They are up in my etsy shop now and ready to ship. This is just two of them, the variegated purple and the ocean turquoise. The other ones are done in black and medium charcoal.

After I was done with that I started thinking what they would look like with beads added to them. Eventually I got a plan and started figuring out where exactly in the crochet process to add them. This bit was harder than I thought it would be, though in retrospect, I probably could have found a tutorial for it. Instead I worked it out on my own with good old trial and error and with pink thread. Yeah, I know, not exactly my style, but I had plenty of pink beads and thread and this was an experiment after all. It could have failed miserably.

Once the cord was done, I decided to knot along both sides of the
piece for a completely different look, from the other bracelets and necklaces I've recently done. I really like the result. It's dense and a bit ornate without being gaudy. It did take forever to make, at least compared with the simple version, though. I'm hoping to make this in a couple more configurations today and then I'll get them listed in my shop as well. They are really fun to make and with the tatted ring on the ends of the bracelet and the macrame slide clasp, they are made with four completely different thread arts. That's kind of neat, right? Well, I thought so, but I am easily amused.


muskaan said...

That is quite an ensemble - 4 thread crafts in one ! And both versions look pretty.
The pink one reminds me of pearl tatting, but with additional texture :-) Hope you make tons of sales.

Jane McLellan said...

Good idea!

Carolyn said...

I so need to get busy doing something myself. Zero motivation and just generally in the dumps is not helping me feel inspired. Got some waxed linen thread in the mail for a new craft but I've been thinking of revisiting the Armenian knot work. I just need to find some thread I can feel successful with, I think. So far, my attempts have been complete and utter crap. 😘😜