Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Got a Picture

Yesterday went pretty much as expected, though I did get an order in the shop early in the morning. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the piece that sold was already made and I had a second of the same one already made as well. This means I had no need to get to work remaking anything, again. Instead I did what I did the day before. I read and knitted. I did also take a picture of a cat on a lap.

So, I'm preparing to start another day of sitting, and reading, and knitting, and crossing my fingers that something more interesting is about to happen to give my creativity a bit of a workout. Otherwise I'll just be stalking the cats for another picture for tomorrow's post and that just makes me look even more like a crazy person than I actually am.

1 comment:

SWtrompeter said...

The cat is beautiful. I don't mind cat pictures. ;-)