Monday, June 8, 2009

What A Beautiful Morning

Sunday mornings are by far the laziest days for me. I generally wake with very little email to read, no new orders to pack, nothing of consequence happens on a Sunday morning. Yesterday was a rare exception to this rule. I had ads to swap, an order to pack and most interesting of all an email from the style editor of an alternative fashion magazine requesting a feature of my work. Wow, right? Now, I'm not going to go into too many details as I fear the gods of the jinx, but there was an actual conversation with more than one back and forth which leads me to believe that this one is indeed happening. As the ground beneath me appears more solid, I'll let you know all the details, but for now, I'll keep it this vague.

The odd timing of Sunday morning is just the latest in a trend of bad and oddly timed event occurring around here. Large special orders, cat health issues, pattern requests and a few other odds and ends surfacing right before our first out of state vacation in years. I don't know what's been causing all this things to build up at the same time, but I'll be glad when we're back and all this has calmed down. It may not happen though. We are still waiting a month later to hear back about the house we put an offer in on, so theoretically that drama might crop up any moment. At least life isn't boring.

In case you've not been paying attention, I'm off tomorrow to Seattle/Tacoma tomorrow morning. I might get a post out before we leave, but it's likely to be quiet around here until next Monday or Tuesday, but don't forget about me. I've got a bunch of tatted hair accessories to list when I return and hopefully I'll have some stories to share as well.

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Sara said...

Wow! Congratulations on the feature! Have fun on your vacation, too. :)