Sunday, June 14, 2009

And Back The Other Way

This is my last hello until I return home as I am leaving hotel Internet behind for the open road. Yesterday's adventure was The Museum of Flight at the Boeing complex. I've been around a lot of old planes over the years and this was definitely a gorgeous collection. The kids had a blast playing with displays and anything with a button.

We're making one special stop today that I'm really excited about and that in the home of the lovely and talented Diana Crites, also known as Paynesgrey. This is the second time in as many weeks that I have gotten the opportunity to meet people found through etsy that I thought I would never see in person. Since we're heading through their neck of the woods and since husband has also become Internet acquainted with the family, we can't miss the opportunity to stop by.

We should be back home to our cats that will probably be annoyed that we left them in the care of my brother, by Monday evening. This puts us back to the real world on Tuesday, but don't expect me to be operating at full power yet. I shall definitely need a vacation to recover from this vacation.

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Jennifer Nicole said...

The Museum of Flight is right near us (we're off of the same exit on I-5) - I'm glad you got to check it out! Your other destinations were good choices as well, though I'm annoyed that the aquarium was closed on the day you intended to go. (The giant octopus is so, so cool, and will play with kids if they get close to her.)

Next time you're up in Seattle, stop by. I'll take you out to lunch, and help entertain the munchkins. :)