Wednesday, July 19, 2017

On Writing and Tatting

My sale has been over for a bit now and I did get a few orders out of it. Even nicer was the large one I got after it. I've got a few tatted bracelets I'm remaking for the shop as well as a couple of the crochet and Armenian lace ones. As always it is wonderful to send lace off to someone who will appreciate it.

I've also been writing pretty consistently for the last few weeks. I'm up to I think 27,000 words now. If you were curious about what it exactly that I'm attempting to write, it's trying to be a novel. If I had to attach a genre to it, it would be urban fantasy or horror, but it's really not scary.I guess really it's too soon to tell what it wants to be. There are moments that I swear it's like it's writing itself, pulling me in directions I had not initially meant to go. I am also starting to understand a few things about writing that I never thought I would, like how continuity errors are born as I frantically tried to make sure changes I make are consistent throughout the 80 some odd pages I've gotten written so far.

In other news I'd like to take a moment to thank Fox for her lovely compliments on her blog the other day even if it was wrapped up with a slightly depressing thought. I fear that I do agree that tatting seems to be at bit of a stalling point. I am humbled that I ever had an impact on the art at all and now I feel a bit guiltier about my own creators block with it. I wish I had a solution or that I just suddenly felt inspired to create, but I have to concede that my inspiration has more often that not been tied up with selling pieces and knowing that someone will one day own the things I make. Since my sales have slowed to nearly nonexistent most days, making more things just seems futile as they will likely just get thrown in a storage tub never to see the light of day again.

I do hope that this lull is temporary and maybe come fall and the routine of schooling, I'll feel the need to create again. In the meantime I'll just keep creating in the ways I am inspired to do so.


Fox said...

Thanks, Pamela, for the acknowledgement! It was a bit of a surprise.

The creativity that I yearn to see would have to hit me the way your masks did, so many years ago - I had never seen anything like them before and I still think they are evidence of tatting genius. Also, you were ahead of the Goth game and brought it to thread, aided by the unique way you photographed your work.

If anyone can come up with something innovative it's you. Just look at the Armenian tablecloth that is just a normality now! So, I think you are right - just let it come to you, whatever it is! Then please share it with the rest of us, if you are so inclined.

I don't think it is depressing to tell the truth. Once it is out there, recognized reality clears space for new magic to appear. Says me. :))

Soraya said...


You are not alone....don't let the "sales¨ factor let you down. Once I heard when we create something is because someone expressed a desire for it and also the creative process connect us to the Source, it is a straight channel to our Higher Self.

I officially had my Shop ready for sales one year ago and only sold 1 item until now :).

Do you have a local street fair where you live? I joined one and sold a lot in June.

I like your work and other day was tempted do buy some patterns to make some bracelets in Tatting, but right now I have to focus in another project that I am into and Tatting will be in a dormant state for awhile, I have enough pieces for the summer.

Keep going with your creative process and the sales will coming naturally.
Wish you all the best,
Good Luck