Monday, March 24, 2008


When I started this blog, I meant it to be a creative outlet, but on a completely unrelated topic, this is what my 3 year old daughter chose to do with her easter morning. This is the image of a toy wheelbarrow full to the edge with snails found in the bushes of our backyard.

Meanwhile, I stayed inside with the baby and finished up this lovely piece that will be listed later today...I'm calling it "Summer Breeze". I got a huge bag of vintage cotton crochet thread in this ecru shade from one of my mother's co-workers. Since I usually tat in black, it's kind of a struggle for me to make compelling designs in this color. I think I'm gonna use a lot of it on a super secret project that I swear I will start one day. It's gonna be one of those "I'll never actually finish this" kind of things.

I'll leave you with another easter image of me & my girls, just to show you that I do actually leave the house!


Anonymous said...

Oh how cute those girls are! I love your tatting work.

Nodin's Nest said...

That is really a great picture of snails! My 3 yr old son would love it too.

Blue & White Wear said...

YOur work is lovely! Love the Easter pics. Your girls are darling. My third graders would be crazy about the snail photo. We just finished a science unit involving snails!